Bak-rak Base Rak


The original G3 Rack made in UK and is finished in zinc-plate to a very high standard.  It can carry loads up to 100Kg [if your car can cope] and will fit three of any sort of roof-rack bike racks on the base-rak. With Xtender bars you can fit up to five roof-rack bike racks. It tilts up and down. G3 Base-rak is zinc plated for durability.

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The heavy-duty modular carrier

Base-rak is a simple carrying platform onto which fit an array of modules to carry anything from five bikes to bins and bales.


the outer casting in EN24 high strength steel.

Base-rak directly fits any ISO 50mm tow-bar [flange, swan-neck or detachable].Base-rak is immensely strong and fits in seconds. It tilts up out of the way when not loaded. It tilts down to move loads clear of back door.

Bak-rak’s patented mounting system gives lots of strength and flexibility to mount anything.

The Base- rak has been the ultimate heavy duty carrying platform for 20 years.

The G4 Stainless Steel version is capable of carrying loads up to 120Kg – it offers more carrying capability than most towballs can offer yet weighs in at 7Kg. (For reference the Thule equivalent carries 45Kg.)

It features the bak-rak mount system – tested to 700Kg – fitted in seconds and allowing tilt up or down. (Cast in hi-tensile steel and marine-grade stainless steel.)

The top surface of the G4 base-rak is fitted with 10 stainless steel M8 thread inserts that allows anything to be bolted down to the surface wherever it is required. These are further tack welded to prevent rotation.

Add a special spline drive security lock

The base-rak has adjustment of angle to compensate for a ‘drooping’ tow bracket.

Use it as a platform in its own right to carry luggage, to carry a ballast bag of garden waste, or anything else you can think of.

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