Fit your spare wheel to your towball.

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The wheel-rak is designed to mount any size wheel onto the towball of the car (or van).

The wheel is mounted onto the arm using secure spline drive bolts tightened with the secure key provided.

The arm is then mounted onto the vertical pole by sliding through the hole in any of three positions that allow the wheel to be mounted at whatever height chosen. The arm is clamped with a handwheel and is locked into position with a padlock. The assembly is secure against theft and the arm can be shortened if needed.

It allows for full use of your car as the rack tilts down to allow access to the boot / hatchback.

It is designed to allow users of modern cars with no spare wheel space to conveniently pack a spare for a long journey without eating up all the boot space. Many cars converted to gas have also lost their spare wheel space in favour of a gas cylinder. Without the security of a spare-wheel then a simple puncture can become a nightmare of waits for a recovery vehicle then local hunting to find an appropriate tyre. Particularly at weekends or in the middle of the night this can make a disaster of any journey.

With a bak-rak wheel-rak and a spare wheel on the towball a solution is available.

The wheel-rak is available with two alternative mounts. A universal style that fits onto any towball including swan-neck or removable or flange fitting bracket to allow fitment alongside the towball to allow towing while carrying a wheel.


Mounting Type

Wheel-Rak – Standard Mount, Wheel-Rak Offset Flange Mount